Hi, I'm Parker Ortolani
I'm a product designer in New York focused on user interface and user experience design. I'm currently an intern at BuzzFeed Product Labs, soon to be BuzzFeed Commerce, where I get to work on a wide variety of BuzzFeed brands like Tasty, Social Sabotage, Homesick, Wordy Wine, Glamspin, Shop BuzzFeed, Fuck Shit Shop, and more.
On my own time I write my own blog, Inside the Park, an Apple focused Medium publication. Over there I share my feelings on things happening in the Apple community as well as the broader tech community. 
I have written a few opinion pieces for The Fordham Ram and am an active member of the Fordham College Democrats. I also currently sit on the Sexual Misconduct Committee for United Student Government and work to help educate the community about sexual assault, harassment, and healthier relationships.

Media & Design Intern, SWRemote LLC
Design Intern, Helm UX
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